Sunday, January 9, 2011

Honesty, you should try it sometime. Stop hiding & being fake. Stop pretending to be better than you are, cause the people who REALLY know you, know the truth.

So tired of fake people! Dear GOD, please place your hand over my mouth & please guide me as I walk away. Thank You!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution is, be kind to myself and others, don't second guess myself and Love people the way I want to be loved. You're special - don't let anyone take you for granted.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh damnnn, why am i so unlucky, my chem teacher just told me that he haven't had my experiment paper mark scored in yet. the experiment was like 2 months ago! how could i freaking rememba, besides, i never miss any classes while Steve's away, so, most probably i'll just finish it in class. Normally it's always like that. but like wth? i've finished the whole experiment that day and handed in straight away, and i think it's my substitute teacher which had forgotten to mark mine off. OMGEE i still didn't have my folder with me today somemore, couldn't show teacher that i've done it! T.T no wonder! i was still finding it so strange when i got my paper back without any markings and scores on it, so i thought there's no big deal, wth. so how could i explain it to teacher on wed? SAD. i don't wanna get a big ZERO for that! i'm innocent. :C Bad luck. Bad bad bad. Sad sad sad.

Schools boring, ESL makes me feels sleepy. currently our topic in class is on, JOBS & CAREERS. learning how to apply for a job, how to write a VC, ok, that doesn't seem bad but the worst part is, we still have to have our personal interview with the teachers, acting like you're really intending to apply for a job. We even still needa dress formally, wearing proper shoes, without outcropping our cute little toesss. ^^ GAH. This is Frigging LAME and silly.

DID TOTALLY NOTHING i can say during computer science class today. hahahahaaa, luckily i was up on the net finding craps to entertain myself. how clever. ^^ The teacher kept on making hell lots of errors and made the students needa delete and repeat and do it over and over again. Luckily, i wasn't following. ^^ We all learnt nothing today. :)

Imma stop complaining.
What a day, bye! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

---- This is so cute. ♥ -----

Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's just another ordinary Sunday afternoon, had my brunch around 11, had some steamed broccoli and some well chopped carrots, it taste extremely odd without any other flavours on, so i added some salad sause which gives it a better taste, more sweet. -.- otherwise i'll be hella suffering from that bitter taste.

Just got on the phone with mummy in Thailand, i didn't know that she was there until i phoned back to Daddy to greet her Happy birthdayy. :)

it was my lil brother's birthday yesterday and now it's my mummy's turn today. Mummy was so shocking when we called because she said she wasn't expecting this call from aussie. she's there for a Golf Tournament and good news that she won. she was so happyy which i can really sense from hearing her through the phone. I misss home. :( but for now, i really should face my coming exams and work hard on it, pass with flyin colours! hahahaa.

My brother so was mean yesterday, we phoned back to greet his happy birthday but then he was like,
Him: aaaaah
Me: Happy Birthdayy!
Him: K La!
Me: -.-
Him: you know how to download maple story into ipad?
Me: how will i know.

He then throw the phone back to daddy.
so mean.
during the old days, it's me bullyng him but now it's the other way round.

There's many thoughts in my head atm,
firstly, thinking of transfering schools next year to a public school which has way moe options then the school im currently in. i couldn't stand it here, way boring. no school clubs and sports those stuff. keep begging my parents for permission, but way too troublesome. havta change visa those stuff. D: so, the the possibilities of transferring is really low in percentage. :(

aw, i really need to get a new phone, either an iphone or blackberry i guess, but, i don't really like iphones since im not really a big fan of apple. -.- plus, it's like 8 out of 10 ppl out there are using the same phone. :/ always out of stock whnever i go, bad luck, how irritating, i'll just end up buying one back in sg.

Haih, revising chemistry but suddenly feels like blogging, chem test on wed but i decided to start revising now, exams are near and im still so slacking. imma realy gonna work veryy hard on this final exam. YES!

so, i'll be at home the whole day, don't feel like going out, stay close with my books cause Facebook's boring, havent been up to msn for like months, nothing special and exciting going on these days, ow shoot.

I have no idea why is it so long, my applogy, im too wordy! hehee.
have a great dayy peeps.

* what's the problem, whenever i backspace something, it just erases the back part. mad. *